XBR – The Ugly side of Youtube Gaming Featuring Graphic God

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35 thoughts on “XBR – The Ugly side of Youtube Gaming Featuring Graphic God

  1. More power to Jay, if I was in that situation I doubt I would've taken the high road. I probably would've aired the dirty during a live show. I probably would've had a scarface moment like on halfbaked.

  2. I knew something happened when Jay left the show, but when Crap went off on Salty during the Crossfire podcast I immediately unsubscribed from all of Craps content. That was SOOOO disrespectful !!

  3. i had a bad feeling about them, i allways knew them 2 was frauds!! i never supported them and will never after this! nobody should have treated jay like that. Great video yall i hope this channel and video blows up. 🙂

  4. Great show guys… I'm over here listening to it at work!! There's a hand full of us artist that talk on Twitter about the ups and downs ever so often. It's really great to get this out in public.. Thanks guys and thank YOU Graphic God

  5. Honestly this just confirmed a lot of things I had already been thinking regarding certain YT personalities. BTW thanks for the mention of Console Corner in the show. I really miss getting together with that crew but as this show points out doing weekly shows is taxing.

  6. Well I will still continue to watch them on Xbox nation and that but I shall control what ad revenue goes where that's why I have a little program call adguard so if I switch it on when I'm watching their videos they won't get a dime

  7. That's fucked up I was upset when Jay left now I understand why he did. Haven't listened to MC show in a long time. It's just not the same, now I should just stop listening to both of them.

  8. Mooch blocked me on Twitter because I called him out on him making fun of a developer who cried on stage for winning an award. The winner made a game to help him cope with issues surrounding his young son. Ever since then I lost respect for Mooch.

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