Why do people STILL use PHP to create websites?

This was pretty epic.

A real drop-the-mic-er.

It was this answer on Quora I saw the other day from Vakrokh. The question was:

“Why is PHP still being used to create new websites? Why aren’t all new sites using more modern frameworks such as Django or Rails.”

I love how these guys just throw “modern” in there.

As if “modern” automatically equals “better”.

Anyway, here was Vahrokh’s ( answer:

“PHP is not still being used….

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16 thoughts on “Why do people STILL use PHP to create websites?

  1. Running PHP 5.x (and PHP 7.x) applications within Linux and Windows – very stable, easier to manage than several other language stacks – running solid 24/7. Working great.

  2. Um wow… how messed up. I was juggling between work and studying PHP for well over 2 years and now I find out that it's "outdated" and I'm STILL a beginner in PHP. It's like you waste a year studying something and by the next year it's replaced by something else that will take you another year to learn, and the pattern just repeats. Wow I really hate this. Millennials seem to have time for everything if they know all about the latest stuff while I'm trailing far behind.. Unfair af..

  3. Interesting to note… among the three (Ruby, Python, and PHP), PHP is the modern language. That is, Ruby and Python already existed by the time PHP came on the scene. And today, about 80% of the web is written in PHP!

  4. I think PHP gets a lot of unfair stick it is improved a lot since PHP 4, I also largely think the points made in this video are correct, but just a couple of things.

    1 – 80%+ of the web is not powered by PHP, let's just put aside that the W3C site has PHP's usage higher than other sites put it, but let's just consider that 80% figure, in those stats all websites count the same, so 1 WordPress blog that has not updated in 10 years and gets 10 hits a week counts the same as Youtube getting billions of hits, you see the problem with that, in reality when measured by what counts (usage/traffic) most of the web is not powered by PHP, sure a decent chunk is, but that is all, it is nowhere near 80%, which is why that 80% doesn't translate to jobs when you compare is to languages that supposedly only account for less than 1% of the web.

    2 – Things like Laravel / Symfony are decent frameworks and certainly in many ways comparable to things like Django, RoR, etc, however I would still say that when you compare the ecosystem of PHP as a whole then it is a long way behind things like Python especially when you compare the number of quality packages

    3 – Cheap hosting, PHP is still the cheapest, but that advantage has virtually shrivelled to nothing these days when you can get a virtual VPS at Digital Ocean or somewhere for $5 a month and then if you go the other end and you need scale then PHP has fallen further behind (even with PHP 7), because newer languages like Golang, Elixir (if needing concurrency), even Node to an extent, offer levels of performance that just bury things like Laravel with PHP. (Mind you that goes for Ruby, Python also).

  5. I love this video because I am beginner in php. Now I am encouraged that It is not outdated language..after watching ur vedio I can learn this with full of my confidance..thanx:)

  6. "Blue-haired latte sippers" gets me every time. 🙂 Medium-writing, glasses-wearing, glitter-in-beard-having, skinnyjeans-wearing latte sippers who tell you that you're not a "real" developer if you don't know React or write in Go.

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