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1. What is Java?
2. Parts of Java / Java Editions
3. Where Java is used?
4. How Java is used?

1. What is Java?

Java is a Programming Language and a Platform

Java is used as a programming to develop Software Applications
Java is used as Software Platform to run Java Applications

2. Java Editions / Parts of Java

Java has 3 important editions

i. Java Standard Edition / Core Java (* Old name J2SE)
ii. Java Enterprise Edition / Advanced Java (*Old name J2EE)
iii. Java Micro Edition (* Old name J2ME)

3. Where Java is used?

Java is used to create,
Desktop Applications
Web Applications
Enterprise Applications
Mobile Applications
Smart Cards
Embedded Systems
Games Etc…

4. How Java is Used?

Java is an Open Source Software and Platform independent,

For Software Development download and install JDK (includes JRE and JVM) Software,
For Run-time (to run Software Applications that developed in Java) download and install JRE (includes JVM)

We can run Java byte code on any supported platform.