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If you want to be a software engineer in future then, of course, you would be interested in knowing that what is C++. Before I start explaining about what is C++, I think it is important to mention here that this is only an introductory video to the C++. In this video, I will cover the following points only:

What is C++?
Who invented it?
Why was it invented?
Why should you learn it?
And in upcoming days I will publish the further articles and after reading those article I am sure that you will get some reasonable know how of C++, in fact, I am thinking to start a free of cost course to teach it.

What is C++?
C++ is actually a first general purpose programming language. It is used to write the computer programs/software from very simpler levels to the complex ones. C++ is an object-oriented language which uses objects while coding (in case, if you don’t know what objects are then for no simply ignore it, I’ll explain this concept in upcoming articles).

Who Invented C++?
what is c++

C++ was invented back in 1983 by a Danish (Denmark) computer scientist named Bjarne Stroustrup. We can call him the one and only developer of the C++.

Why Was C++ Invented?
It doesn’t matter who invented C++, what matters is the reason behind the masterpiece. As you know our computers understand the assembly which is almost impossible for human beings to learn and then use this language as a tool to programme the computers. So, there was a great need for some alternative which could be easy to understand for human and can also be used to programme the computers to built software. This concept led towards the development of the C++. Unlike assembly language, the C++ is easy, in fact very easy to learn.

Why C++ is Easy To Learn?
what is c++

So now you know what is C++ and now it’s time to know why was it created? Do you know English? If you answer is “YES” then will it be difficult for you to learn a new language which is similar or uses the context of English? Of course not, same is the case with the C++, assembly language was not near to the context of the English and that is why it was difficult for human to understand it but C++ uses most of the English’s context and is very near to the English i.e. it is easy to learn it.

Why Should You Learn C++?
what is c++

If you want to be a great programmer, developer or software engineer in upcoming future then why shouldn’t you learn C++? C++ is the mother of all other programming languages, all other programming languages are derived from it so if you know how to programme in C++ then believe me programming in other programming languages will not be a problem for you.

Hope you got your answer of what is C++? And if you are still confused then just leave us your message below and will reply to your message as soon as possible.

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