Using Python In Your Drivers | Blender Drivers Master Class

Download the asset here:
This week, how to use python in your drivers.

Python is great for accessing part of Blender that might not be available through the variable inputs.

These tutorials are for 2.78 – but they are a great place to start with python in Blender:

Great course for general python:

Let me know if you have any…

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5 thoughts on “Using Python In Your Drivers | Blender Drivers Master Class

  1. You can do this without opening the Drivers Editor…. just type '#frame' inside the property number field, and it will create the driver automatically. You can edit the expression by clicking in the number field and edit… '#frame/10' . Sorry to step on your lesson, but it is much simpler. As always though, good tutorials.

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Are that python tutorials in the description relevant in 2.8? I wanna start to learn python scripting in Blender 2.8, but didn't find any good courses so far, can you recommend some?

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