12 thoughts on “The Pied Ball Python!

  1. I know everyone loves pieds but I just never really liked them. The ones I would say I like best is the low low white. Something like a super enchi pinstripe pied. I got a question though you talk about the burgundy albino and I don't recognize that name? Is it what America calls the lavender albino? Will your burgundy pied make our dreamsickle? Have a good one guys.

  2. Believe it or not, not really a fan of pieds, they're nice but not for me lol, i'm the same leopard and clown are my favorite! I'm a Pastel fan believe it or not as many look at them almost as a normal but i think they are excellent in there own rights! Nice video mate! Your pied is nice, just if you could get a pied with no white, it's the pattern beyond the white i like, throw some enchi combos into a pied with no white and that would be a dream!

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