THE BEST ONLINE GAME? (Metal Gear Online 2 Returns)

Metal Gear Online Multiplayer Gameplay PS3, 1080p HD

Metal Gear Solid 4 PvP Online multiplayer mode gameplay by Shirrako, playing as all the maps and modes, trying to use a variety of weapons.
The classic MGS4 Online mode that was closed in 2012 is now back, MGO2 Revival, one, if not the best multiplayer games ever, the third person shooter title provides a skill based experience, allowing you to host your own…

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23 thoughts on “THE BEST ONLINE GAME? (Metal Gear Online 2 Returns)

  1. This game truly has the potential to be better than Fortnite, Apex Legends, and all of the generic online shooters that are out now. None can compare to the style and gameplay that MGO2 had. In order for a true revival of MGO2 to happen is for all of the fans to come together to make it happen. We cant have the same toxicity and cheating that lead to MGO2's downfall be the same that happens if we did get a true return of this game.

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