Terraria Let's Play (1.3.5) | THIS IS IT! The Adventure Begins! | Python's Realm [S2 – Episode 1]

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★ Terraria Let’s Play – Welcome back to Python’s Realm! In this, Season 2, of my Terraria Let’s Play, we’re beginning on a brand new world and the goal is to survive, battle bosses, build settlements, obtain epic weapons and gear and to thrive! Hope you enjoy!
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28 thoughts on “Terraria Let's Play (1.3.5) | THIS IS IT! The Adventure Begins! | Python's Realm [S2 – Episode 1]

  1. To summon up the points I made in the video (because I'm quite bad at explaining things while doing something else)…

    A) This is the ONLY Terraria series going out from here on in (aside from the Calamity Co-Op Let's Play if we manage to get back round to recording episodes for that)
    B) This is the last playthrough of Terraria I'm doing before taking a break and waiting for EITHER a new MAJOR update for Terraria comes (not a micro update like 1.3.6) or Terraria Otherworld comes
    C) This is a generic playthrough/hub world and it's a series that will last, hopefully, for a long time! As such, the Comment/Questions of the Video and Fan Art showcases will BOTH be in this series!
    D) By having this be the only Terraria series I have, it gives me time and space on the channel to FINALLY branch out to both non-LP Terraria content and playthroughs for other games such as 7 Days to Die, Subnautica, ARK Survival Evolved and Cities Skylines. This channel was NEVER going to become a Terraria-only channel, I just didn't have the time to actually start any of the other games I wanted to do on the channel!

    I know that a good amount of you peeps won't be best pleased with what I've said/announced here but I'm doing it because I don't want to be beating a dead horse anymore. Terraria, while it is a FANTASTIC game and has kept me entertained for countless hours, can only keep me going for so long and by taking a break once this series finishes (which won't be for a LONG time yet), it means I can go into new updates in future with a fresh mind! Love you guys to death and I hope you enjoy what is to come with this series! 😃❤️👍

  2. 嗨,你是一個terraria粉絲我喜歡我的世界和東西,但如果你不喜歡它我會殺死一切所以走回家就像一個雞蛋和五分鐘,直到我的朋友去夜晚是啊我想死現在請忘記什麼我只是說,過你的生活,再見

  3. Man. I thought terraria became obsolete! Thanks for getting me back into the game 🙂
    Also it's only been a year. Geometry dash didn't upload 2.11 for 2-3 years, when it DID update, it blew up the charts!
    Terraria isn't dead, it's just slow. But the mechanics, items, bosses, EVeRTHYiNG! The massive worlds with a huge amount of items! It all compensates for it's slowness.

  4. I honestly think vanilla is more fun then mod but I think I say that since I have only 300 hours on steam and only killed the moon lord once so I really never did mage or archer and get bored of vanilla

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