SJW Grants and CanadaPoli Challenge Update – Where's the Warming?

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43 thoughts on “SJW Grants and CanadaPoli Challenge Update – Where's the Warming?

  1. It's been pointed out in the comments of your other videos why this temperature analysis method is not a good one, but you can go ahead and keep doing it over and over again, reinforcing what appears to be the conclusion you've already determined is best. A good example of confirmation bias though!

  2. You shouldn't cover so many topics in one video. It just takes one thing like questioning global warming to turn someone off from your videos. I wanted to share this but I don't know if I can without making everyone think I don't believe in global warming.

  3. Acid rain was debunked so they changed it to global warming and when that was debunked they called it climate change aka seasons of the year but Canadians are too stupid to wake up to the ponzi scheme and will make all of us pay for the changing seasons

  4. A grant, using tax payer money, to discriminate. Isn't that against our charter? I remember a time MERIT was the only tool for hiring, to ensure you had the best people. Unreal.

  5. It's May 21st and my heaters are still coming on (they're set at 18c), guess they will till June at this rate. We're supposed to get up to 15c today, and down to 6c tonight. This is in Montreal. I'm still waiting for a little global warming relief.

  6. Have you ever heard of the Iron Mountain war document it was written back in the sixties . The document explains the need for an external threat like war but they want to phase out war and phase in peacetimes and they feel they need another threat only this threat in a peaceful time must be a global threat and the global threat they decided on is pollution / co2 . . I wish I knew how to send the link !

  7. To be fair, your graphs don't show anything, for or against the claim of global warming.
    What they're talking about is a claim of 2C difference over a thousand years, and you expect to see visible differences over a 50y plot?
    There is no graph of the mean value for each year, ATU for the year, or trend line, so no, we can't see if it's flat or trending up or down.
    I do see the five hottest years on the graph are to the right, and there are several pretty flat peaks where there isn't really a winter or significant low and the average low is really high, so it looks to me like if you actually drew a trend line, it would be going up.
    Looking at something in poorly selected scale, looking for a very small trend, and using a very small data set, you think that is debunking someones claim?
    Looks to me like brainwashed tribalism.
    I'm sure the people that already agree with you will continue to agree with you, but this is not evidence that supports anything you're saying.

  8. So just another set of fancy words which attempt to disguise the white male hate at the very core of our government, and increasingly our society as a whole. As a father of a white male son I am very saddened indeed.

  9. OMG – completely the opposite of the kind of charter we wanted to see imposed on the universities. What we wanted was a charter to reinforce free speech, such as the "Chicago Principals".

  10. So we've seen what this equity, diversity, and inclusion ideology has done with the federal Lieberals, rather than selecting the most qualified. Do we this foolishness in other aspects of Canadian society?

  11. you can test this ,
    start your car
    go to the muffler
    trow money at it
    keep trowing money till the smoke stops
    if it works then that mean the carbon tax works
    if it doesnt that means just trowing money away doesnt work

  12. EDI is yet another Direct Liberal Government Double Barrel Shot Specifically and Directly at Canadian White People only. This feels very very wrong. Feels like forced controlled demographic and social engineering. When did Canada become a totalitarian country?

  13. Ya, okay, basically to teach Liberalism propaganda garbage, that's how stupid our country has become. These young adults are being brainwashed by this CULT of LIBERAL Hypocrites WHO think they're above the LAW and if you don't agree with their sick ideology, your deemed a racist hating bigot Neo Nazi right wing extremist. Ya, okay, the only extremists are the LEFTIST KIND. The F-ING TRUDEAU KIND.

  14. Trudeau and the liberals are doing everything they can to invoke the 'WAR MEASURES ACT' (like his evil father) and make Canada unlivable to anyone that was born Canadian. They have gutted Canada (For the rich) for purposes (that I suspect but won't add here). Is Sheer any better? I know Michelle Rempel is NOT!

  15. How many of these education facilities, have to be Pro-abortion friendly? Just like last years summer employment grants, that were NOT given to any organizations, that didn't support Trudeau's abortion agenda requirements? The government is sounding more and more Satanist, by the minute! Hope there is a seat in HELL for all these Trudeau worshipper's, someplace with lots of HIGH flames, so we don't have to hear their screams!!!

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