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In the last few years SciELO has made a change in its editorial process to the journals that it indexes and publishes with the establishment of the SciELO Publishing Schema (SciELO PS) specification as a premise for publishing scholarly content in its database. This is one of the most important and significant changes towards the professionalization of scholarly journals from Brazil and, in the near future, to journals from the other national and thematic collections of the SciELO Network that share the SciELO methodology. The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a language that defines a group of rules for coding textual documents. It is largerly used in the representation of semi or non-structured data, apart from being intelligible for both machines and people.

In 2013, in order to take greater advantage of data description capacities and align itself to other and international state of the art players of online scholarly content publishing, SciELO began developing the SciELO Publishing Schema specification — a specification for research articles description based on the NISO JATS Publishing DTD standard version 1.0.

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Why XML?

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Version 1.0 – December 1st 2016.

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