34 thoughts on “Revision Part One: Linux Does What Win Don't

  1. I loved the original videos and I loved this one. Linux is awesome with Hardware support etc. I use Ubuntu everyday and I never have any problems (except a blown HDD but that had nothing to do with Linux). However even with all the hardware support I had to install a Driver the other day for for a USB to SATA bridge, that is something I have had to do in 11 years. Try going through 11 years with Windows without installing a 3rd party driver!

  2. Linux Does What Win Don't? That's worse than when Sega used it, "Sega Does What Nintendon't".
    The anti virus software and the breaks on a car is a bad analogy too. Anti-virus maybe, Brakes definitely.

  3. Spatry, I love watching your videos as I think they are very informative and educational. I had asked you earlier why it is that there is an out-of-sync situation between audio and video that makes it difficult to watch the videos. It's not my system. Can this be fixed? I believe it may be an OBS issue on your side. Could you look into this. Your videos would be much nicer and easier to watch if they were in sync. Thanks.

  4. Excellent points! You certainly had to update it for the horror that is W10! ^^

    You can eat your cake and have it too on Linux, only if you overcome the learning curve. Which is super small if you choose Mint or Ubuntu, and depending on what you use it for, and how much you want to learn. And that you have sufficiently supported hardware. Hybrid graphics are still pretty shaky on Linux. Well, I haven't used it in a while, but it used to lock the Bumblebee daemon to using 100% on one core even after quitting the game/app for me. So I'd have to restart my laptop after playing a demanding game.

    But even for gaming, you can even get better performance on Linux. As it can be truly light-weight. The problem is developers aren't treating it as a major OS. But it's still only looking up for Linux! Especially as Steam is now even jumping in with their own Wine version, which could have been done from the beginning of their Linux client (just having the option to run Windows games in Wine). But now they're really in the game!

    But it isn't even about eating and having the cake. Something as primary to using a computer MUST be libre open source, I say!

  5. i tried to boot the mcole xfce linux, but i am not able to boot into the system. i tried it in a windows device, macbook and a virtualbox, but cannot boot into any system. i burned the iso using rufus software

  6. Having made the switch to Linux a year after Windows 10 came out I can safely say that I cannot and will not go back to Windows. I can't say enough good about it and love the freedom of choice it provides. I am using an early Vista era e machine with 2 gigs ram as an htpc even.

  7. For me Linux recognizes and runs hardware better. I have a usb3 audio converter (zoom uac-2) that works on every distro I've tried. It may or may not work on windows or macos after I install the drivers which may or may not be 'digitally signed'. ~~ I have an old 09' imac that has spent the majority of its time in storage because I hated the os. I even gave it away and they didn't use it either. I retrieved it and installed Linux Mint and now its a dedicated daw. Faster and better than ever. I have a 2015 macbook pro (13"). I Linuxed that bastard and now it's a badass little beast. I have a couple of alienware laptops (18" & 13") that I had built. They came with windows and sucked, until I put Linux on em'. Now they both work better and faster. Just for kicks I reinstalled windows on the 13" from the supplied restore stick. It took about 40 minutes to install and very little worked. The hdmi couldn't see my monitor, the wifi needed a driver, etcetera etc.. I popped the Linux stick back and in about 15 minutes everything's working. Best os ever!

  8. great video, but I have to counter one little thing you said in the video, and I'm not sure it's the same with other distros that have a Deepin DE spin, but on Manjaro Deepin(my current fav. despite it's flaws) every time the DE itself(Not the Manjaro base) does some major update they recommend you reboot your system, which is no big deal to me since yes in most of my systems I do have an SSD(120GB Adata cost me $20 USD, a 240GB Adata cost me $30 USD off eBay direct from the company with free shipping), and it takes me maybe a minute at most to reboot once I get past my bios, and on the smaller drives I only use them for boot drives, and program installs. Nothing major just thought I'd point that out. My only complaint on hardware support for Linux as of recent has been some canon printers, some webcams, and Nvidia GPU's(fully Nvidia's fault here).

  9. im a long term linux user 1998ish i installed linux at 10 year old "Mandrak" i always keepted windows as a dule boot .. if your coming from win 7 or 8 , you will need to try windows 10 before bad mouthing windows .. windows 10 is more like linux than you thank and there is no need for virus scanners (its now built in) and they have put in root level user access… im a power linux user and use it 90% … but linux is still lagging in certen parts (power users) … sound setting system wide , over-scan GPU scaling "use 4k on a 1080 screen" and file to disk / network speed are still much faster on windows … windows now have a software center that hase 99% of must used programs aka "vlc, chrome, firefox, exc" … in my pinon windows is still better i just choose to use linux because i ben using it at 10 years old kid

  10. its like sega making ads for bullying nintendo. same as linux. you shouldnt do a vs thing in the two os. or we might end up on the trash bin in the next few years if distro fan boy always do that.

  11. Don't get me wrong, I really like Linux but I will stick Windows for some gaming and creative work. Sure gaming has vastly improved on Linux, but some games I like are only on Windows. Also, for video editing, there are some great choices on it, but the pro ones don't natively support it. Sure they can work with Wine, but it's not a guarantee. Some people don't/can't switch because of it as well.

  12. I keep getting problems with the last Windows 10 update, the system simply shows a black screen and freezes and does not react to anything anymore. Fortunately it is a VM and I have a backup of the last working version, but running the update again, did freeze the system again too. Windows 10 crappy software!! I run at least 10 Linux VMs without any problems and 5 of those are the Ubuntu 19.04 Beta/RC. I will block Windows updates for 2 weeks and then try it again.

    My main desktop is a 2008 HP dc5850 booted and run from Ubuntu Mate and ZFS on a lz4 compressed SSD and I have a family desktop with a 2003 Pentium 4 booted and run from Peppermint 9 and BTRFS on lzo compressed, striped IDE HDDs (2 x 40 GB). The HP boots in 22 seconds, while the Pentium boots in 45 seconds.

  13. As much as I love linux, its still a no go for me, most of linux apps not supporting 144hz (it terms of scrolling), nvidia drivers not saving my 144hz configuration properly and Chrome browser not supporting 144hz, besides that I really love linux, the gaming support grew so much! But still some of my games are not working :(, I will wait untill 144hz support will be finalized properly as in Windows

  14. 6 years since the original series came out and 4 years since my initial discovery of it, though for me personally that wasn't the first Spatry video I ever watched. The first I discovered was "Let's Play on Linux!" 😀

  15. I downloaded a program from the windows store, and that thing bogged my machine down. Was horrible..it got so deep in my system, that I had to reformat, and install. Mac OSX isn't much better, as it's updates can mess up your OS, and god help you if you got a part fixed from a 3rd party vender, as they'll install a kill switch to updates.

  16. I remember how Windows 7 was the breaking point for me.

    They came out with Vista, and very soon came out with a Windows Vista, that was fixed and called 7.

    I would've been okay with it if it was a free update, but they wanted people to pay for that "better" OS.

    The McAfee antivirus that was always preinstalled on every Windows machine, also ticked me off.
    Buying antivirus software was also a pain.
    And they don't even work properly!!!

    So I started my conversion process.
    I continued using Windows at school, but started looking at alternatives.

    Apple OS (HackIntosh) was out of the question.
    Too simplistic.

    I surfed the NET, looking for an alternative.

    I found Linux, and remembered that I saw the penguin mascot once, many years earlier, when I was still in 1st grade.

    First thing that came to my mind… "Linux isn't an OS, but a kernel?!?".

    Saw Ubuntu, and found it to be really futuristic, but I hated the GUI.
    I didn't know that the UI could be customized yet.

    Moved to Linux Mint, and fell in love with it, for a while.
    Destroyed my Mint installation by accident, and moved to Zorin (I wanted something simpler, since I didn't understand everything yet).

    Today, I use Manjaro.
    I will never move back to Windows.

    I love my freedom, and all the fun I've had with Linux during the years.

    P.S.: I want to try out Gentoo soon. Also, love your channel Spatry.
    I've been watching your channel since, well to be honest, I don't remember when (I think since the start). 👍

  17. My reaction: (not all cynical)

    1: I used Windows with Anti-Viruses and gotten viruses, but I learned how to do safe computing and the entire time I used Windows 7, I had no viruses without an anti-virus. Please don't count trojans, a trojan is "You have a virus because I fooled you into clicking on things", the number of them don't matter, you only need one and the many that do exist on windows are all clones of the same trojan. By telling people Linux is better because there are no trojans, you're telling people "Linux won't get trojans until it becomes more mainstream because people are trying to avoid trojans". When you try to tell people who are usually those kind of victims to go to Linux, they will carry their same unsafe practices to Linux and it may work until there's an actual year of the Linux Desktop of which is what every Linux Desktop user (including myself) wants.

    2: AMD FOSS Drivers are God-like and Linux is great on legacy support, but I know a lot of people that build "retro machines", they basically have machines that can run any legacy software and hardware. I don't trust binary display drivers, I feel xorg is a packaged deal and should be paired with FOSS Drivers, so Nvidia is a big no-no for me even after Linus raised his mighty finger. But FOSS Linux Drivers are fantastic!

    3: In my experience, Linux is very stable, just not Ubuntu. Canonical doesn't know how to make Ubuntu LTS compete with Debian Stable. Manjaro is more stable than Ubuntu LTS because frozen packages means frozen bugs in Ubuntu, but it doesn't mean that in Debian. Lovin' Manjaro! Also, in the news of Winders, MS will let home users freeze updates for up to 6 months in Win 10. Though I'm still a never 10er just like I'm a never Adobe CCer.

    4: I loved your Windows privacy rant.

    5: Again, MS will soon let even home users freeze updates for half a year. You said the B-Word (Backup) three times, it's Showtime 😀

    6: The version of Windows that needs a $100 upgrade to run things out of the Windows store is Windows 10 S and I'll leave you to decide what the S stands for and it's designed for schools, it's pretty much MS' solution to Chromebooks. Consumers are as interested in Windows 10 S as they were interested in Windows RT. Also, MS offers free OEM licenses home to OEMs selling garbage PCs, but hey, it's Windows 10 and a garbage PC, so do you really want that?

    7: [nods]

    8: You only need to defrag if you're using spinning rust instead of an SSD and consumer HDD technology has stagnated to 6TB. Sure there's 14TB Iron Wolf Drives, but they're designed for cold storage in a NAS because they use Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording, or "HAMR" meaning if you delete a file and want to overwrite it on a HAMR Drive, it will take forever. The RAM requirements to run Windows hasn't changed since Windows Vista, so it's been pretty steady in that department for the past dozen years. Yes, I know it says Vista's minimum requirements was 512MB, but that was a flat out lie, you needed at least 1GB. But the problem with speed and computers isn't the bottleneck of the OS… It's the web browsers. I remember when Flash was the standard for dynamic web content and Flash ran better on 2GB on Vista of RAM and a Pentium 4 back in 2007 than HTML5 runs on 8GB and a Core i3 on Manjaro. I just upgraded my ram from 10GB to 16GB and the web runs fine now, no use of swap. Your web browsing needs must be simpler than mine, I refuse to close tabs and I have a lot of addons.

    9: Legacy hardware is fun to play with. I do like to see what I can do with garbage at times.

    10: I mostly agree, but I don't like overselling wine, (and I noticed your disclaimer) I mean it's there, but it's a good second choice if there's no Linux native version. It can be very disappointing if it's sold as a magic bullet like it was when Linux didn't have many games, Wine only supported D3D9 and some games started to require D3D10+… bad memories, lol

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