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Showing a random 3-D model exported with AC3D. I don’t know where the model came from. I think it was a fan made model but it looked cool. Anyways, here it is being rendered over a test grid on a Nook Color. We were doing some touch screen, object manipulation testing for a project that’s underway (the Tie Fighter was a random object and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the work going on). Anyways, I’m just pretty jazzed about the project and wanted to show off something. I know most of you Android devs are probably yawning… if so, just move along 🙂 It’s funny though, everyone that I showed the tablet to immediately started whipping the ship around and going “Pew Pew”. Hmmm… Mr. Lucas, this makes me I think we need a Tie Fighter shooting game on Android. Ok plz ty buh bye.