Python Tutorial: Basics of the Python Dictionary – Python Basics #13

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Fundamentals of the Python Dictionaries

In this tutorial, we are about spread the…

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7 thoughts on “Python Tutorial: Basics of the Python Dictionary – Python Basics #13

  1. I wrote a["age"] += 1 then it saysTraceback (most recent call last):File"<pyshell#16>",line 1, in <module> a["age"] += 1 Type error: can't convert 'int' object to star implicitly Where have I gone wrong?

  2. If I wanted to write a function that converts integers to roman numerals, the first thing I would need to do is assign roman numeral keys that hold values e.g.(m=1000 d=500 etc…) storing them in a dictionary. Couldn't I do this with a list or tuple?

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