33 thoughts on “Python Programming Tutorial – 42 – Pillow

  1. Anyone but me get an Invalid image format error from my image software? Now it's saying it was moved or renamed. I think it must have been the size of my image. When I tried crop which we learn in the next video it worked.

    Go to settings -> project interpreter and click on pip and click the blue up arrow on the side. That will update your pip which will then allow you to install pillow with no issue.

  3. How to download pics in Pycharm on Mac?? , I tried with: Pycharm/Preferences/Editor/Images and I select the picture that I want in Executable path but I can't see the picture. Please help me …….

  4. For those of you having issue getting image to pycharm, copy and paste the image to your directory (ie: C;Users(your computer's name) PycharmProjectsuntitled. Click run again and should work. Cheers!

  5. I have some problem I couldnt install Pillow package
    it shows ValueError: jpeg is required unless explicitly disabled using –disable-jpeg, aborting

    if you help to solve this problem I would be apperiacate

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