Python Introduction | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Mr. Satish Gupta

Python Introduction | Python Tutorial for Beginners

by Mr. Satish Gupta

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17 thoughts on “Python Introduction | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Mr. Satish Gupta

  1. Best teacher in the world…I am studying java from this SIR Satish Gupta . before this I have no idea of any programming language .but his English speaking tone and teaching methodology is so great that I am understanding all the things that they teach.for me he is a god..

  2. I am having a small doubt in python.In my code, I will be having or using many third-party libraries like faker,itertools, mysqldb, pandas etc.
    I writing Python code in pydev eclipse IDE.
    After writing the code I will be converting the project into zip, and moving to another environment if I open the code in another environment module error I am getting. How to automatically download or load third party libraries at runtime, In java means I will be using maven project to automatically download jars at runtime. And I don't want to manually install third-party libraries using pip at each machine.

    How to do in Python?

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