21 thoughts on “Python in 2018 : AI, ML, Info Sec, Web apps etc.(Hindi)

  1. Thanks for post this video. i m the teacher for class xii and Python is mendatory in CBSE xii syllabus instead C++ this is the time for learning new technologies. Plz tell me the book and website for learn core Python and advance Python.

  2. Hello bhaiya,
    I am a 1st year cs undergrad, winter vacation is about to come, what should i do if i have learnt C until linked list. I want to start doing projects(in anything like web d or android) with python, can you please suggest a path to pursue a good career.

  3. good job bro came here after seeing hitesh sir interview…..BTW u got a subscriber ….good content keep on moving forward INSHALLAH love from pakistan!

  4. if you can provide some python and machine learning tutorial so it will very beneficial for us………and this videos is amazing to know about market requirement ….thanku

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