PHP vs. Python In 2018 – My Take…

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In this video we are going to talk about PHP and Python and some of the differences in use, popularity, learning curve, frameworks and so on.

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50 thoughts on “PHP vs. Python In 2018 – My Take…

  1. Bad programmers always find a way to write poor code, no matter the language. Also, PHP 7+ is light years away from old PHP versions and a developer in 2018 (using PHP 7+) shouldn't be shunned for it. I heard some companies treated "knowing PHP" as a disadvantage on job interviews, just because they've experienced it years ago and thought it stayed in the limbo of poor practice and spaghetti code.

  2. I have 9 years in .NET C#, now I'm trying Angular 6 and NodeJS, but to my personal sites I need to choose btw RUBY, Python and PHP.

    After this video I prefer Python.

  3. Hey Brad – you mentioned good and bad ways to learn PHP. I checked your course list and it doesn't include a PHP course. As someone who knows no PHP or Python (or much else than HTML/CSS/JS) at all, would you mind pointing me towards the best PHP online course in your opinion please? Thanks for great videos! James

  4. I laugh since I’ve taken my first programming class this past summer and it was a php class.i have now written a semi crappy app but it works and the coding is horrendous. I’m enrolled to take a java script class next month so I can relate to everything you said.

  5. Choose the language that suits your project, not just choose it because of the hype. Sure PHP is older language than Python yet PHP has evolved through the years. PHP7 is on a new level.

    Spaghetti code is only for PHP? Only kids believe that because they suck at programming, especially OOP.

    All programming languages are prone to spag codes, not just PHP.

    PHP is STRICTLY for Web Development while Python is for general purpose.

    Whoever compares PHP and Python in terms of who can deliver better a simple calculator is utter trash.

    Both are strong in their respective field.

    If you just want to stick with Web Development, pick PHP.

    If you want to do tricks in different aspects, certainly go Python.

    Python + PHP dev here.

  6. As you mentioned, when doing OOP, both languages are fine. To be fair, Python can get very messy if you take the procedural route. However, Python has what is called kwargs (keyword args) – the ability to pass one or more parameters using keywords – that you cannot replicate in PHP.

    In PHP you'd have to assemble an associated array of all the parameters you want to pass to a function, whereas in Python (using kwargs) you just pass the variables already defined. It may sound trivial, but believe me, it's a deal breaker. This is what causes PHP code to look bloated and messy.

  7. Using python for web development is a nitch, and often really isn't directly used to write pages.
    Python equally allows for poorly written code, I do not see your point there other then formatting wise which is what most people have a issue with python with.
    Keep in mind I use both as well. I find python really really easy, often I use it for prototyping how ever it is really a powerful language.
    spaghetti code is a phrase older then php, and it refers to code that is all over the place with no commenting or clear indication of what is going on. It is commonly used to describe newbie coders code with object orientated programing that commonly don't program objects correctly. It can also refer to making code over complicated when there is a simple solution that is better in some way such as optimization.

    Python's strick code structure often conflicts with various coding practices that are norms. Such as a prototype description, and line spacing gaps for clear visibility.

    Honestly I have used php to do more then just build database driven web apps. I also use it to store general varibles and modify code based off that. Example if I want something censored at a specific time of day, I could use javascript yes, but view that source code and the information is no longer hidden. Mean while I could hide private information behind a password that is in php and isn't in a actual sql db, and no user can see it unless they get remote access to my web server.

  8. Where's the comparison between performance? I mean sure performance factors a lot to a programmer's skill. However I've researched a lot about their differences performance, Php 7 out performs Python(dunno the exact number). I'm a Php and Python developer, if your going for a small project python is a good choice, but if your project requires performance or heavy lifting Php 7(Python out performs Php 5 and below) is what you need.

  9. PYTHON Is older then PHP, but Python and PHP both are scripting language, Python is used in GIS programming, It is also machine learning language it used also used in Raspberry Pi and web application, PHP is open source, server-side, scripting language and also used for web application, If we think as developer point of view they always confused which backed framework to learn? Here you explain very great depth explanation of PYthon and php it helps people to choose which language is used in 2018.

  10. dude, i recommend u do some more digging mehn. PHP is also a general purpose language meaning that u can actually build desktop applications with or without plugins using just PHP.
    Please visit Wikipedia

  11. I heard someone just say docker, I have deployed a python application with docker and it's actually work seamless, I didn't have to fight with drivers, it's install seamlessly with PIP, I honestly could not say the same about PHP especially if you're using a database exotic to PHP say for Microsoft SQL Server; I'm saying exotic, because MySQL is normally used with PHP. Have at look at this documentation, it's crazy

  12. Having a preferred language is fair enough but a language is a language, they all have a purpose, learn the ones you need, coders complaining about languages is kinda like mechanics who complain about all French cars "they break all the time! metric and imperial bolts on the same parts! They have no clue!" Yeah that's nice, just fix the car would ye? Same with us coders, just write the code, opinions are like fingers, everyone has them and they always get pointed everywhere. Learn stuff, write stuff, job done really 😉

  13. PHP doesn't write bad code, people do. I have seen so many bad code written by intelligent people who simply don't care. They just wanna get it done and move on and let other ppl with stronger work ethics to clean up their mess.

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