PHP Tutorial – Dynamic Select Year List Script HTML Form Elements

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I was reading and replying to the comments on the video I put up about 5 minutes ago. I wanted to address one of your comments in video format in order to demonstrate the way in which a coder can bounce between PHP and JavaScript without much trouble when the need arises since both languages have similar logic.

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21 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial – Dynamic Select Year List Script HTML Form Elements

  1. Thanks, Adam just what I needed and now can remove my year table from my database and use this simple piece of code instead.
    Also thanks to "sdhpCH" for the reverse function as well.

  2. hey Adam thanks for your video but I found that there is one problem with this script though and that is if the user chooses the year: 1900, on their profile page shows 0000 and that doesn't make any sense for anyone to be born in that year is there a way to fix this? Please thanks bud.

  3. Hello Adam. add me as a contact. been tring to reach you. Have a job that I need you to do. Will pay so. This is the only place that I have seen that has options to send u messeges

  4. I Like, Adam!
    You inspired me to think if a for loop could be used counting down as well, I never tried this before. Because some people might want to have the actual year at the top.
    And it works as well:

    for($i = date("Y"); $i > 1900-1; $i–

  5. how can u make a div that changes on a specific month. like for say i wanted to change the entire div automatically to month it is(without making the div hidden). if u could help it would be appreciated. ive tried many times to create or find the coding.

  6. Thanks for the reply 🙂
    I understand that most people would never disable JavaScript, but some people do and I always like to make sure I account for that.

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