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Incorporating Paginator class on any PHP page that needs to list MySQL data records on multiple pages takes minutes. However, understanding what’s going on under the hood takes some time. In this PHP Pagination with Bootrap tutorial, we explore the mechanics of a Paginator class and how the MySQL limit keyword is used to limit the amount of records we want to be returned from our query. We then go over how all the links are created which is the most complex part about pagination. There are many subtle details that go into creating pagination but our class takes care every little thing that we throw at it. To make things look pretty, we incorporate Bootstrap which gives us a beuatiful, user friendly pagination links that we can use on any web site. Please like the video if you found it useful and subscribe to the channel, I hope you guys enjoy learning from this PHP pagination with Bootstrap tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers.

Paginator and List Movies source code:

SQL (IMDB Movies): – all the movie data with table structures, make sure to create the database called “movies” before importing this file. To import from phpmyadmin, go to Import tab, click “choose file” and the navigate to this file on your computer, hit “Go” and everything should be imported. (create a database called “movies” before importing this sql file)


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