Node.js: Why JavaScript Sucks And You Should Use It Everywhere – WIMP

This WIMP meetup talk in May 2014, with self-proclaimed Professional Computer Geek Dan Lyke of in Santa Rosa, presenting about how Node.js brings the promise of JavaScript to every corner of your software stack consistently, and shows some magic demos to boot!


JavaScript is a necessary evil for web apps. Given that, how can NodeJS help us use JavaScript everywhere, on both clients and servers, to deploy higher quality software through code sharing, test driven…

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7 thoughts on “Node.js: Why JavaScript Sucks And You Should Use It Everywhere – WIMP

  1. haha. great video. And for all the non prgrammer fools or beginners, what he means by javascript sucks is that javascript is powerful by far, but most software / browsers that use JavaScript limit functionality so in that sense makes the language suck that many have to use Jquery etc etc..

  2. Yes Javascript sucks but your example of MVC is not quite right. In a proper MVC, when the Model changes the Views directly get updated (without controller being involved) and the user input goes through the controller to the model. I reckon the issue comes from the limitation of HTTP which I believe will be obsolete when the alternative technologies like AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol), WebSockets etc become more popular.

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