29 thoughts on “Node.js Tutorial for Beginners – 5 – Understanding References to Objects

  1. Hey Bucky ! i would like to know if this tutorial series is gonna contain anything that has to do with the peer to peer technology if not it would be really appreciated if you create a tutorial about that. Thank you in advance. Gosh! i finally wrote a close email to a professional one but wrote it in a comment …

  2. 1. Var Person = Bucky // is C++ equivalent of Person = &Bucky, you're passing bucky's address to the Person variable and any changes to Person WILL reflect in Bucky !

    This is why everything in NODEJS is a reference …

    2. (19 == '19') => TRUE, because double equals ONLY compares the VALUES not the datatypes.

    3. (19==='19') => FALSE since triple equals ALSO compares datatypes along with VALUES !

  3. He explains the difference between 2 and 3 equal signs so damn wrong. It's not "comparing the values" It always does! Don't call it node.js tutorial if you only do javascript basics. Waste of time.

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