MySQL Crash Course

In this video we will look at installing mysql, creating users, writing SQL queries via the shell and Workbench and even implementing MySQL into Node.js at the end.

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29 thoughts on “MySQL Crash Course

  1. Slides – 1:00
    Download & Install Info – 9:34
    MySQL Path Info – 11:40
    Shell Login – 13:48
    CREATE USER – 14:43
    CREATE TABLE – 19:08
    MySQL Workbench – 22:50
    INSERT – 25:20
    SELECT – 28:50
    DELETE – 31:21
    UPDATE – 32:05
    ALTER TABLE – 33:11
    Update via Workbench – 34:50
    ORDER BY – 36:10
    CONCAT – 36:50
    DISTINCT – 37:58
    BETWEEN – 38:49
    LIKE – 39:25
    IN – 41:40
    INDEXES – 43:00
    Table With FOREIGN KEY – 45:00
    INNER JOIN – 50:24
    Table With Multiple FOREIGN KEY – 52:30
    LEFT JOIN – 55:00
    Aggregate Functions (COUNT, MIN, MAX) – 58:46
    GROUP BY – 1:00:18
    Node.js & MySQL Example – 1:03:55

  2. JUST as we, at the BostonPHP Meetup group, were going thru the MySQL portion of the book! Perfect!
    I find these videos not only very helpful and practical but they are a perfect alternative to wasting time on TV.

  3. Thanks Brad sir, I have been waiting for this MySQL tutorial for several days. Your all tutorial best explanation. So I eagerly look forward to every single video. Thanks Brad sir.

  4. Funny, I was JUST looking for a MySQL tutorial yesterday! Great timing. I have learned so much about web dev in just the past month alone, looking to start applying for jobs after another month or so of tutorials and trying my hand at making apps from scratch. All that you teach has been a huge help in my process, I really appreciate your hard work!

  5. This tutorial would have been a lot unique if you took a dive intro Procedures, Cursors, Triggers, Views and Transactions rather than these basic concepts. Don't get me wrong, the video is still great but there are very very few QUALITY videos on those 5 topics so I was expecting you to cover from india

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