My PHP Developer Story

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36 thoughts on “My PHP Developer Story

  1. I usually like your videos before even watching them. I appreciate your honesty man. I bought your React course, which I'm going to start next week, and I've been learning some basic PHP, so I'll probably end up getting your course for that too. Keep it up!

  2. PHP is as old as, and virtually the same thing as "Classic ASP". Server side code mixed in with client side code. In the hands of someone who knows how to use it, it is outrageously powerful. I've had SEO Engineers tell my clients they have no idea how I pulled off some feats and features I've built into their sites.

    Lately, as in the past 6 years, I rarely do ASP (or PHP) anymore. Everything is now HTML/CSS/javascript with client side Ajax calls and Generic Handlers in the middle working with the database on the back end.

  3. I went for an Angular position – remote (I nailed it!) and they use PHP for a lot of projects. I haven't did PHP in years. (No OOP)
    If knew PHP 7, I probably would have been offered an extra $15,000 annually. I enrolled on CodingPhase and before the contract ends with the opportunity to be official, I will be strong in PHP and then I can negotiate salary.

  4. Joe, if i know standard front end i.e. html, css, js, jquery should I go for react now or rather choose php and wordpress? My goal is to get into industry asap.

  5. I'm just starting out and really want to work remote. In your opinion would I have more job opportunities as a new dev learning php /laravel as opposed to ruby on rails?

  6. My personal experience is that PHP was a great language to learn when I was beginning programming. Until I needed to do more advanced stuff, PHP started to show is numerious downsides and bad language design. Dropping it was still a difficult thing to do since it is one of the most used tools in the industry. However, I realised that even if I probably lose potential jobs, it's worth it because I don't want to work with PHP. I feel that the industry should drop badly designed tools and move forward. Luckily I was able to find a company which shares my opinions. Now I write Clojure and ClojureScript code for living. 🙂

  7. What do you think about Ruby Joe? Is it still worth learning for future career?
    Anyway, I am learning JS now. I've learned HTML CSS Bootstrap from Colt's course.

    EDIT: oh you already talked about it in the video 😀

  8. I'm currently learning PHP and then MySQL, will catch up with HTML5 and CSS3, cos I already know some HTML and CSS.. Then will meet JavaScript and jQuery. It's my own way to become a Web Developer, which isn't easy, because I even don't have any money for a laptop with at least 4GB RAM and Intel core i3 processor, but I do this shit every day on my pentium4 512MB RAM and I LOVE IT! I can feel that so soon it will pay me back with green dollars hah Just too excited that I found my craft! And to be honest I don't really care about money it could bring in the future.. It just brings me joy to create things or to fix someone's shitty code.. Or even to add some cool things on someone's website! Anything about web delopment.. I'm enjoying it.. Like weboholic hah
    I just have books I've downloaded for free , YouTube, Google and my computer 12 years old.. And still can learn to code and practice..
    So good luck everyone who loves Web Development as much as me and Joe do! Never give up on it! Learn and practice every f*cking day! It so worth it guys!
    And thank you Joe for your hard work and for your videos.
    You are inspiring me so much!
    Living in Ukraine in this deep @ss of the world almost with no money – I'm still in the game!!
    Peace bros.

  9. visited your site, couldnt get past the donate button!! C'mon man, the donate should be optional. The site also has no content!! is it only the donate button on it now?

  10. Yes sir!! PHP may be a great language to start out with. Plus, it may give you a better foundation when learning javascript. Anyway you slice it, if you learn a higher-level language, no matter which it is, you'll be able to pick up any other language with ease. The one major difference between languages…is the syntax!!! … If we're just starting out…It only a matter of getting over that hump of learning your first language altogether. Thanks Joe!

  11. Joe, i have been studying web development from teamtreehouse, i have done the basic html and css. Currently doing the php development course, but suddenly i have interest in studying WordPress also, because i want to build a small e-commerce like website for my mom's small business. I think that by just using WordPress would fasten the process rather than have to study php first then the laravel. I feel kinda guilty for using WordPress , where i can just do anything with a little "coding".

    what is your opinion about this? Should i focus on studying WordPress until i can make my mom's website first, then start studying php & laravel, or should i just study php then laravel straight away?

    thanks for your opinion

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