43 thoughts on “Monty Python – Crunchy Frog

  1. I remember John Cleese saying in an interview when asked what his favourite lines from Python were he often thought of lines that most people didn't consider classics and one was the line from this sketch where he says "Where's the pleasure in that?" as he often thinks of it in everyday situations.

  2. One of the billion things I love about Flying Circus is the fact that the stream-of-consciousness nature of the sketches meant that there was no build to a climactic laugh as pay off, which meant more laughs on the journey. There were as many laughs in performances as there were on the page.

  3. The version on 'Monty Python Instant Record Collection' is better, as GC plays the interrogator, and he and TG are practically screaming at each other as the sketch unfolds.

    Much, much funnier than this version imo.

  4. Classic sketch! In a way, this reminds me of the Ren and Stimpy fake commercials for Dog Water, back in the 90s I think. On the Monty Python Flying Circus album, interestingly enough, this is listed as "Trade Description Act".

  5. Of course you have to have the bones… Seeing this again is far better a thing than watching the insipid MTV suck up interview of Jennifer Lawrence's "mother" of a movie. Now I remember why I hate hollyweed. Now off to the "shower".

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