MicroBit Part 3: Selfies with Raspberry Pi Camera

This video is the 3rd in a 3 part series featuring micro:bit. This video utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to flash code to the microbit, Python code running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to trigger taking a photo (selfie) using a Raspberry Pi Camera.

Microbit is a small computing device from the UK / created by BBC to foster technology interest. Coding for the micro:bit can be done with a visual coder or in Python.

Micro:bit is available in the US:
Raspberry Pi 3B…

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3 thoughts on “MicroBit Part 3: Selfies with Raspberry Pi Camera

  1. thank you for this video. i'm especially interested in your videos that talk about the raspberry pi and "photoboothing". also, thank you for jumping into the code… i am also trying to learn python and useful things to do with it. 🙂

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