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  1. – do i need to have a pyBoard to start with MicroPython !?

    this is a question regarding MicroPython

    i want to headstart in MicroPython

    what do i need to do the first steps?

    – do i need to have a pyBoard from Adafruit!?

    or is it okay if i just start on systems like

    – ESP 32

    – or a ESP8266-based device called WEMOS D1

    or a SBC-NodeMCU-ESP8266

    which is just another developer platform

    regarding the wemos:
    We’ll be using an ESP8266-based device called WEMOS D1 mini. Basically, it’s a Wi-Fi chip with a couple of digital and analog I/O pins to connect external sensors and actuators.
    But for our simple demo, we won’t need anything besides the LED light that is already located on the device and is connected to the digital output pin 2.

    look forward to hear from you

  2. To run pyboard.py on a windows system (on cmd) you need to make a few edits to the pyboard.py. Find (/dev/) and replace those directories with COM# (number will be unique to your system), also you can't be connected to the device, disconnect any other connections to the micropython board.

  3. Looks a great device; how much is the sensivity of the BLE and WIFI for this device, in receiving and transmitting cases? l'have search in intrenet but i haven't suceed to find a response, to order it.
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hi, I have just received my Micropython board, amazing device and so compact. I have been following your video, thank you. However, when you type "python pyboard.py test.py" where do you type this, is it a command prompt on the pyboard if so how to get to it or other, please?

  5. Got mine today. Would have liked more if it had Gyroscope also integrated with it. Could have converted it to a Flight Controller without adding any new hardware.

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