Make Your First Simple Android App with Kotlin (Android Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners)

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In this tutorial you will learn how to make android apps in Kotlin.

Kotlin is a new official language for Android development. It’s certainly a step towards safer, readable and quicker to write code.

Kotlin supports properties, you don’t have to call “findViewById()”, and it also tries to get rid of the dreaded null reference exception.

Whether you are a complete beginner who is just starting out in Android…

24 thoughts on “Make Your First Simple Android App with Kotlin (Android Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners)

  1. People all over the world need a tutrial on how to pause, rewind and fast forward a video… they just try to become instant PhD in any topic presented in a tutorial at the very first watch… use the godamn video control, folks!

  2. I didn't understand anything man. It's terrible tutorial :/
    You didn't explain just anything.
    What is this dimens, why it is when you would just do a simple int and if not tell this and why.
    You didn't tell that max size of seekBar on default is 100.
    And more…man, too bad too bad…too low details.

  3. Definitely like the format. I want to get some momentum going and just copy things at first. Then I can worry about learning in depth later. Thanks for the video. Gotta try it when I get home!

  4. Hey man, great way for beginners to get started on Android dev't.. question, how do you get your emulator to load almost instantly? takes no less than 15mins for me to start the emulator. using i5 4gb RAM. i know its not so much but i get 20-30mins to load

  5. Great video! I followed along with your tutorial and then tested out the app on my phone. I noticed that if you spam click the reset button and the seek bar, you can glitch the text to be angled even when it's stationary. I tweaked the code and figured out how to fix it, here's what I got for my onProgressChanged for the seek bar:

    override fun onProgressChanged(seekBar: SeekBar, progress: Int, fromUser: Boolean) {
    numberText.text = progress.toString()

    val translationDistance = (initalViewTransitionY +
    progress * resources.getDimension(R.dimen.text_step) * -1)



    if(numberText.rotation.rem(360f) != 0f) {
    val correction = numberText.rotation.rem(360f)

    if(correction > 180f) 360 – correction
    else -correction
    } // This will make sure the text is vertical after rotating, and if it's not it will rotate the shortest direction to get there 🙂

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