Lesson 5 – Python Programming (Automate the Boring Stuff with Python)

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Lessons 5 of the online Python programming course for complete beginners. This course follows the “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” book by Al Sweigart,…

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49 thoughts on “Lesson 5 – Python Programming (Automate the Boring Stuff with Python)

  1. My ver is 3.7. After having tested, I realized that:
    – 'space' or 'tab' were considered as values of a var -> 'if name:' would output True value even if I inputted 'space' or 'tab'.
    – 'space' or 'tab' would be falsey in bool()

  2. Dude Your sponsor on your website which is called 'trinket' doesn't run well on Mac! From that 2nd Chapter it really took all of my inclination to learn programming! Randomly it loads and takes you to another part of the page! Can you please fix that !!!?

  3. I just came over a discord video that told me how to make a bot and he said i needed some python experience and reccomended me this and than i started watching and got really interested so now i just f*** it on the discord tutorial and im gonna learn alot more about python 😛

  4. #NBA Player Comparison. My 1st Ever Program

    print('Welcome to NBA Player Comparison.')
    print('We compare you to a player based on your best skill.')
    print('Choose one: score, pass, dribble, dunk, shoot, block')

    password = input()

    if password == 'score':
    print('Since you can score really well, you play most like Kobe Bryant.')
    if password == 'pass':
    print('Since you can pass really well, you play you most like Steve Nash.')
    if password == 'dribble':
    print('Since you can dribble really well, you play most like Kyrie Irving.')
    if password == 'dunk':
    print('Since you can dunk really well, you play most like Shaq.')
    if password == 'shoot':
    print('Since you can shoot really well, you play most like Steph Curry.')
    if password == 'block':
    print('Since you can block really well, you play most like Ben Wallace.')

  5. Sup everyone,

    I'm new to programming.

    This simple thing I made today!
    I am proud of it xD Profesional programmers will laugh now xDDD

    print("Hi there, what is your name?")
    myName = input()

    if myName == 'Joey':
    print('Hey Joey! Welcome back!')
    print('Nice to meet you ' + myName)

  6. print("Can you solve this?")
    print("(50 * 3) + (77 – 43) + 88 / 2 + (28 * 5)")
    solves = input()
    if solves == "368":
    elif solves <= "368":
    elif solves >= "368":

  7. That's wrong, or just check me
    if a variable is created under 'if' statement,
    it may be called outside a function, i.e. python doesn't ignore if 'if'-statement is false,

    i don't know what it does, may be variable class is just independent from execution of statement
    if you didn't get this after this video, please delete your system32 folder from C:\Windows

  8. Dunno why our school taught us C++ (Which was hard for most to understand).

    But still, am thankful for the knowledge given to me and if i were to choose between C++ and Python, i'd choose this lol.

  9. I made a little program that lets you encrypt a message with a password, and the only way to see the password again if you enter the right password

    information = input('what mesasge do you want to encrypt n')
    password = input('what shpuld the password be? n')

    unlocked = 0
    while unlocked == 0:
    givenpassword = input('type password to see the message n')
    if givenpassword == password:
    print("the message is: "" + information + """)
    unlocked = 1
    print('wrong password')

  10. Thanks Al, Just bought the course on Udemy.
    Just 1 thing , Udemy charged me in $ instead of INR so i have to FX also. Please see if you can do any thing. It should charge in local currency.

  11. name == 'RAHUL'
    age == 19
    if name == 'RAHUL':
    print('Hi RAHUL')
    elif age < 12:
    print('RAHUL is not 12.')
    elif age > 19:
    print('RAHUL is not more then that.')
    elif age > 1000:
    print('RAHUL is not an immortal.')

    CAN YOU SPOT MY ERROR….!!!!!!!!

  12. great videos, just started to learn python
    cant wait till i get to the other videos, here is a little thing i created that resembles a website log in or sign up

    print('please enter your name')
    myname = input()
    print('Hello '+ myname)

    print(' is it your first time on this site')
    answer = input( )

    if answer == 'yes':
    print('Please write your full name')
    myname = input()
    myemail = input()
    print('write your password:')
    password = input()

    if len(password) < 7:
    print('your password is weak, please rewrite')
    password = input()
    if len(password) < 7:
    print('your password is still weak please rewrite with more than 7 characters')
    password = input()
    if len(password) < 7:
    print('password is still weak, please restart the process')
    print('new password accepted')
    print('your password is good')
    print('your full name is ' + myname )
    print('your email is ' + myemail )
    print('your password is ' + password )

    elif len(password) >7 :
    print('your password is accepted')
    print('your full name is ' + myname )
    print('your email is ' + myemail )
    print('your password is ' + password )
    print('your password is strong')

    print('please log in ')
    print('wite your email address: ')
    email = input()
    print('write your password: ')
    password = input()

    if len(password) > 7:
    print('access granted')
    print('access denied')

  13. Look, What I made.

    print('Please Create a password.')
    name = input()
    if name != '':
    print('Thank you very much.')
    print('You did not enter a password')

  14. After watching some videos on python and taking a class, your course is the most well-organized and practical. And it's free! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this course together and make these easy to understand videos!

  15. Thank you for taking your time. Till now I had no idea how to code but I really wanted to get into it so I watched a couple of your videos and this is my first creating (which im proud of) :

    print ('Choose password.')
    password = input()
    print ('Do you choose to save the password ' + password)
    Anwser = input()

    if Anwser == 'yes':
    print ('Okay, welcome sir.')

    print ('Choose new password.')
    newPassword = input()
    print ('Do you choose to save the password ' + newPassword)
    newAnwser = input()
    if newAnwser == 'yes':
    print ('Welcome.')

    print ('Enter password here.')
    Person = input()

    if Person == password or newAnwser:
    print ('Access granted.')

    print ('Wrong password, try again.')

  16. I'm just starting to learn python, I wrote this program below, but after putting my age, it shows error. Please help.

    print('What is your name?')
    print('How old are you '+myName +'?')
    if myAge >= 11:
    print('Welcomr Back Sir!')
    elif myAge < 10:
    print('Which class are you studying in?')

  17. The subtitles not long after the video starts is a bit off, but later comes back to point.. maybe you could check on that, or you cannot change subs after uploading? Thank you for your videos, love them!

  18. I'm a little confused about the segment on truthy and falsey values, why is it better to say
    if name != ' '?
    Like in the book to explain it the sample code used says:
    name = ' '
    while not name:
    print('Enter your name:')

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