Learn Java Tutorial 1.10- Implements an Interface (implementing in java)

This Java tutorial will discuss what implementing means, and introduce what an interface is. When implementing and interface we HAVE to add all of the methods from the implemented interface

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46 thoughts on “Learn Java Tutorial 1.10- Implements an Interface (implementing in java)

  1. Thank you for this tutorial! It finally made me understand the interface concept. So many tutorials use excessive java jargon which makes a beginner intimidated. This was a perfect explanation and easily grasped. Thank you!

  2. My guess is that this is useful for big projects, where basically all classes must implement the same methods, but in different ways. its good to keep all programmers in check with what they need to do while still allowing leniency in how they do it .

  3. The part you said at the end was very inspiring. I had been contemplating whether or not I should try learning this language, and throughout this tutorial I have gained a lot more confidence.

  4. hm i see now why interfaces are useful. you can setup logic and methods all "characters" should have and then implementing them to said characters. 

  5. What is the "@Override" code for? Is it commented out/ignored by the program? Because i'm using Eclipse too and that line of code isn't added whenever I add in 'unimplemented methods' so i'm guessing it isn't important.

  6. When i write " newHealth ", i just get that lamp with a warning traingle at the side, i have looked over it and repeated the process many times, but i can't figure out how to make it right…
    Would be thankful for answers

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