Kotlin course introduction – Complete Kotlin training with 2 Android Apps

For Indian Students:

For International Students:

Want to learn kotlin. Here is your answer. Now you can learn Kotlin at professional training, right at your home and make 2 basic apps in Android with Kotlin


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28 thoughts on “Kotlin course introduction – Complete Kotlin training with 2 Android Apps

  1. Hi, can you please make an video on the AngularJs.. I mean after reading so many tutorials and articles I still can't understand how it is useful..? and what exactly is the use of this..writing the code for angular takes even more time so how it can be useful for us..?

  2. +Hitesh Choudhary Dear Hitesh Sir, I just enrolled in the Kotlin Course on learncodeonline.in, I was about to purchase the course but I came up with a query. So I thought, it would be better if I ask that query to you first. I started learning code on my own and I chose 'Python' to start with. Though I come from commerce background yet I seem to enjoy writing codes. I don't have much experience in writing code and I don't know languages like JAVA or XML. Would that be any problem for me to learn Android Development with Kotlin? I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

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