Kammok Roo Hammock and Python Straps

This is a look at Kammok’s Roo and Python Straps. This is the highest capacity hammock and tree sling combination I’ve tested and it doesn’t disappoint.

The price point is higher than other hammoks, but the quality is on par or better than other ones I’ve tested.

Kammok Roo MSRP: $99.00
Kammok Python Straps: $29.00

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7 thoughts on “Kammok Roo Hammock and Python Straps

  1. 'Lil-Man & Paw out 4 a stroll in the great Canadian Out-doors, Great Ending. Haven't warmed up 2 Hammocks, But I'm going 2 try 1 of 'em Hammock-Chairs every1 is raving about. Will check the provided link, Didn't seem 2 B overpriced 4 what 1's getting,=I'm 6' 240+lbs, so I think it would handle me Thanks 4 sharing with us Stay Safe & Warm Up Yonder
    Happy Trails From Down The Path A Piece                                                ATB  Terry
    "  GOD  BLESS  "

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