jQuery & Ajax & PHP Tutorial: Load Website Content Dynamically (Faster)

In this tutorial, you will learn How To Load Your Website Extremely Fast with jQuery, Ajax, PHP & MySQL
Download Source Code:

In this tutorial I will talk about :
– how to do basic website design in bootstrap
– how to choose the most important parts of your website
– how to load under 2 seconds your most important parts
– how to load not so important parts dynamically by using jQuery, Ajax, PHP & MySQL

It is jQuery Ajax Tutorial For…

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15 thoughts on “jQuery & Ajax & PHP Tutorial: Load Website Content Dynamically (Faster)

  1. Heya Senaid, I was waiting for this tutorial. About, how to create dynamic websites.

    Got only 2 questions:

    1) I saw in your video, you putted text out the about table, with next line in it <br>. How do you do that, with writing that in your database and fetching that out, like you did?

    2) Is this also, the best way, to store images links, in the database. With this method?

    Thx =)

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