Java vs C++

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Java and C++ are two of the most widely used languages today.
In this episode of QuickBytes, Mark discusses the similarities and differences…

28 thoughts on “Java vs C++

  1. everything about computers uses java,from Microsoft to google to androids every single piece of computer thats uses internet ,,everywhere you see 'java applets ' java script ' java this and java that, its in your computer its in mine,,,the future belongs to java ,, the rest are just following its footsteps but java will reign forever and ever until a new form of computer is invented..

  2. Java is used by microsoft windows actually everything from Windows to Google and Android uses Java,,so why use c++ when the very thing your computer runs on is Java…..c and c++ been dead for more than 20 years,,java is the future don't believe me ask bill gates he surely would know

  3. It's sad to see how most of these commenters are biassed morons that only have experience with either java or c++ and are trying to force their opinions into other people.

  4. C++: Faster
    JAVA: +More inbuilt Utility and independence.

    C++ currently is better, performance wise, while performance issues are still considered.
    However, generally, JAVA is better in the long run as computers will eventually advance beyond these hardware issues.

  5. #include <iostream>

    int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello World";


    What is wrong with the above code?? Whatever c++ compiler you're using sux. This is elementary. If the function has return type other than void, it should include the statement" return value;" at the end of the function(where value is an appropriate value for the declared data type), dammit!

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