Java Tutorial for Beginners 2: Data Types

In this video we’ll look at the primitive data types. There’s only 8 primitives in Java, I’ve also described the String type a little bit. It’s not a primitive, but it’s so commonly used it might as well be.

Correction: I say in the vid that you specify a hex number using “Oh X”, I mean “Zero X”. The prefix for a hex number is 0x, not ox.

Unicode character chart:

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5 thoughts on “Java Tutorial for Beginners 2: Data Types

  1. Hi man, thanks a lot for the tutorials. To be honest, I have a lot of troubles with installation of Eclipse, I watched so many tutorials and I never succeeded until the day I looked for newer tutorials and discovered you. Till this day i was coding in Jdoodle (online compiler) but with your first tutorial i finally installed Eclipse. Keep up the good work and you should continue making this tutorials. They are helpful !

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