Java Basics – Nested Loops Example

Introduction to nested loop with a code example.
This video starts with a walk-through on how to define an algorithm by breaking up a problem into smaller steps. Once all the steps have been specified it only takes a few minutes to translate them into Java code.
After watching this video you should have a better understanding of how nested loops work, how to break up a problem into smaller steps, and how to translate such steps that were defined in pseudocode into Java.

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32 thoughts on “Java Basics – Nested Loops Example

  1. Thank you very much for making me notice what was missing in my code, here is the link to what you made me notice I am capable of doing and you really do have a way with teaching: "please leave me something to know you gave me your time to view it, this means a lot to me specially that it's a homework of my computer science"

  2. I mean this for real i have been watching video's for days and reading so much about nested loop but none of the video's i watched did help me this video is so easy to understand.
    Thank you !!

  3. Hi Margretposch,

    Hope are you doing good!

    I listen your all video, i really like it, could you please explain the collection frame in java if it is possible ………!


    Sandeep singh

  4. how about this:

    int size = 15;

     for (int n1 = 1, n2 = (size – 1) ; n1 <= 5 ; n1++, n2–)
    for (int i = 1; i <= n1; i++)
    System.out.print(" O ");
    for ( int i = 1; i <= n2; i++)
    System.out.print(" . ");

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