Is 2018 THE END FOR PHP? | A PHP Instructors Perspective | Alena Holligan Treehouse Interview

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24 thoughts on “Is 2018 THE END FOR PHP? | A PHP Instructors Perspective | Alena Holligan Treehouse Interview

  1. She is an awesome person. Within a few minutes, I could see how great she is at teaching and breaking down concepts. Best way to learn…break it down into small, manageable chunks and build it up again–taking notes (each step) and then comb over for any loose crumb, double check the tie-ins (comments) and voila! You're progging.

  2. Im just learning OOP now its super difficult to get used to.

    I have a question about learning the basics of PHP. Can it be learnt whilst learning WordPress. I want to learn PHP in a fun and creative way so i was thinking of creating a wordpress theme with a CMS integration. Is this a good idea or should they be learnt separately ?

  3. Stick to professionalism, trying to slide in affirmative action is BS…The playing ground is level for both males and females, let everyone fight for what they want.

  4. Awesome content as usual. Really encouraging and inspired! liked the story she added xD and really good piece advice from him.

    You officially my favourite youtuber on programming 🙂

  5. Just the best!! The story about the experiment just hit home for me too! Chris, your channel is changing lives. thank you. Alena just inspired me so much. I study so hard and get frustrated because my level of retention irritates me, although I know I am doing ok. But this just inspired me to take better care of myself while on this journey. Im grown and I know I need to get sleep,lol but hearing what she said was like, "here is one more thing I can do to optimize my learning process. Loved this vid.

  6. Chris your videos encourage me.

    Seems like he's been through some shit. And is now got it together as a web dev.
    Same as me . I've been though some shit and am now coming out the other side of it all.

    You got a sub for life man . Idec call it cringey or whatever . I don't really care… the videos definitely encourage me to keep going .

    I'm very similar to _The guy who thought he was too old to learn

  7. Her instruction pretty much cleared up the DIFFERNCE between object oriented and procedural.

    And this was holding me back for a long time
    Back in the old days like the anarchist cookbook type of days 1999-2007 the info was presented so differently
    It was like: here's what professors think
    : here's what govt thinks
    : here's how noobs should view it
    : here's how companies think etc .

    Now the info has become so compartmentalized. Anything with a slight edgy-ness to it isn't indexed by search engines. Best place is probably still/g/

  8. Just wanted to add this for those of you who learning how to code. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill

  9. From my experience in CS, once you know one language and it's programming concepts you know them all.
    My School: I know we didn't reach a course on C++/C but here's an assign on C++/C due in 3 weeks, figure it out. lol

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