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Steve Dohrmann shares info on a great new Java library for storing Java data long-term. The Persistent Collections for Java library lets you create Java objects whose contents are stored directly in persistent memory. The library contains a selection of persistent collection classes including arrays, lists, and maps, as well as other persistent classes. You can define your own persistent classes as well.

Visit the Persistent Memory home page on the Intel® Developer Zone to learn more:…

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6 thoughts on “Introducing the Persistent Collections for Java Library | Intel Software

  1. 1:39 Quote: Because the contents of persistence of memory are retained and can be used long term, it's important to maintain consistency of persistent data even in the face of crashes & power failures. Persistent Collections and other objects from the library offer this data consistency at the Java method level. Methods behave as if they execute completely or not at all. They will not leave partially written changes in persistent memory.

    I am very curious how this works ? …I mean, in my mind, if i were to design a system with this behavior, just off the top of my head, I can think of several different ways to implement it… I'm curious what approach you guys took ?

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