How to Run PHP Code in WordPress

Hello everyone, Larry Snow here with another quick tutorial on how to run PHP Code in a WordPress Page or Post. I was presented with a challenge to retrieve data residing on a MySQL database and have it displayed on our client’s page. I decided to use PHP code since WordPress is built upon PHP but surprisingly without a plugin WordPress ignores the PHP code.

If you know of another way to run PHP code in WordPress post in the comments below


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  1. I know this is an old video and this is definitely useful on a site where you can trust users, but if someone with malicious intent got a hold of a site with this plugin they could access the WordPress config files and seriously mess things up.

  2. Hi Philip – got your other post, deleted it accidentally 🙁 I see what you are asking now – I don't think there is a search plugin to search the database, I'd try using the text plugin to set up a search box that when submitted would go to a page that has the sql query code to search the database and show the results. If you can't do it as a text plugin, set up a separate page for the search box.

  3. i have a question sir do you know any search box plugin similar to web browser text finder found in (ctr+F) because if i display a long list of personal info from my database im gonna need a text search box in my web page without pressing ctr+F

  4. Hi Martin thanks for the kinds words. Not sure if I can answer your questions, but feel free to post and if I can answer them I will. I'd suggest though, and you may have already done this, to go to WordPress(dot)org forums for answers to your questions.

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