36 thoughts on “How to Create a Registration and Login Page In Dreamweaver CS6

  1. Hello good job, but my dreamweaver insist in error: your php server doesn't have the mysql module loaded or you can't use the mysql(p)connect functions

    And i'm not resolve this :/

  2. is there a way to press 'enter' after u fill in the particulars instead of clicking the 'register' button? like how we usually do things on the real world websites..

  3. What version of cs6 you're using… I am using my Dreamweaver cs6 but can't find some functionalities like yours, one that are used in connecting automatically the database… please help…

  4. Hey I'm newer to dream weaver I've learned how to create my own site as in making it look how I want and such, but does anybody know if you can insert this PHP thing into my own site what I mean is like the login page, do I have to create it separately? If anybody knows could you help me out?

  5. it did not work for me, mysql the codes went to error. this is what is says for me

    SQL query:

    CREATE DATABASE user registration;
    MySQL said: Documentation

    #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'registration' at line 1

  6. Hello! This is amazing stuff. The only problem is that I am currently connected to an FTP server with GoDaddy and need a way to display all my php pages through THAT server. I also have a testing server already set up separately which displays my pages well, but there is no way for me to display them through my domain server on GoDaddy. I already have a database set up on cPanel with GoDaddy. Think you can help me with this issue please! Thank you!

  7. hi sir, i cannot connect my phpmyadmin to my dreamweaver cs6 because it has the following error 'Http ERROR CODE 404 FILE NOT FOUND', i have already created new sites and everything but still i cannot solved the problem, the error occured when i select the database in the 'SQL Connection' pop up box, hope u reply my message and thank you very much.

  8. wow, I'm a student who is interested in programming. to impress my friend I've been trying to create series of works on programming. but recently i thought of a web page where you can log in like above. and now I know how it works thanks.

  9. Wonderful tutorial – Thank you for your patient and thorough description. What I and many other non-profit web folks need is a simpler derivation of this which doesn't need a table; but a single un & pw which can be distributed to the group for access to a Members only page. . . . . I haven't done php; but your tutorial gives me hope that I can muddle through. I'm hoping that the "table" segment of the authentication form allows for single word entry. I figure I'm going to have to move all members only pages into this new "protected" site; but not sure how to link back to unprotected site for your equivalent to logout. Bottom line: I'm getting too long a list of hopes — any chance you have another video closer to what i need?

  10. I have been able to use the template you designed. I added several more fields of information to user registration page. In hopes of after the user logs into the site on the following page i can display some of there information into fields on the site. For example, i added field for firstname , lastname, class and after the user successfully logs into the website it would display these fields in other area's of the HTML that i created. What would be the best way to perform this?

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