How to Code and Get a Programming Job (for Beginners)

Wondering how to code and get a job as a software engineer? This video gives you a map of how to start and prepare for your first interview.
Python Tutorial for Beginners:

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35 thoughts on “How to Code and Get a Programming Job (for Beginners)

  1. Thanks a lot sir for this information because it has answered the questions I have been asking myself for long . But I hardly see job openings without requiring applicants to have some years of experience.

  2. Great content as always. I built my first full stack app thanks to Mosh React and Node courses, when I finally land my first job I would like to be able to thank Mosh somehow. A course about programming fundamentals would be extremely useful for us self-taught developers by the way.

  3. Wow, tremendously great video and full of informations, as a beginner now I'm learning HTML& Css.and after Js
    And I wanna be "Software developer" How do you recommend me, or your advice? Thankful

    Thank you soon much dude 🙏🏽
    And Love from Sudan ✌🏽Peace

  4. I've been learning game development for the past few years (was very on and off with it until last year though) so I don't know if you have any tips on it but my main programming language is C# with unity, along with coding I try to learn different things like how to 3D model along the way and it can be hard juggling everything at once since it starts feeling like i'm not proficient enough in one area and then I start forgetting things when I spend too much time with another subject.

  5. You know Mosh, why I liked this video? Because you are in order. You went to Python first then make an arrow to "Machine Learning". With in-depth research in the last 6 month, I saw the legend trying to teach "Machine Learning" without teaching Python first. You didn't go on reverse mode, Thanks for that.

  6. OK Mosh I just resolved to learn Python but you must be my mentor because when i started learning JS from you i have enjoyed it and I just can't do without seeing your videos everyday. Even your reactjs and node tutorials. You must guide me to succeed with python

  7. I want to learn about robotics. I also like all functionality, and so even enjoy simple game functions like my recent udemy class project blackjack, where i did not use classes and instead wrote the entire exercise in simple functions,,, but My first interest that made me consider focusing more on programming was robot kinematics and control.

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