How NOT to Take Care of a Ball Python

Not every source is reliable, no matter how professional it may look. Remember to check as many vidoes, websites, books, etc. as possible to ensure you are getting the most accurate and trust-able information available!
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23 thoughts on “How NOT to Take Care of a Ball Python

  1. I thought this was a joke when you mentioned howcast.

    Your humor is dry so it was hard to tell, but nope. Not a joke.

    Love your channel and your sarcasm in other, more personal videos!

  2. Do/would you feed day old chicks to your ball python? I've read some things that say their beaks are a hazard but then a lot of snakes eat birds in the wild…I quite like the idea since they seem to be a by-product of the egg industry anyway

  3. So I am going to point out that a 70 percent humidity is ok when the ball python is in shed. It helps the shed come off easier and usually in one piece. There's a couple ways to tell when your ball python is in shed. Some get pink bellies (you can tell the difference between the pink belley and a burn. Burns look WAY gross.) , others get blue eyes, some get both. After the snake has shed you should lower the humidity to that 50 to 60 percent again.

  4. It grinds my gears wen someone is so desperate to look like they know what theyr talking about that they put up a vid with completely wrong info.if your gonna go to the extent on making a vid on a subject at least take the time to make sure your info is correct.half the information so vids put up have completely wrong bugs the hell out me.

  5. I just got two ball pythons from my friend and just from what I’ve learned from this channel, I’m so happy that I’m taking care of them rather than my friend. He was doing everything wrong. This channel is great

  6. Thank you for your videos, they are really helpful for my being an aspiring reptile owner. You and a few other youtubers helped me save the life of a 3 year old ball python named Slivlyon. She was given away to an uneducated reptile fan, and she suffered for it… She had nothing, no water dish, no cage, not heat lamp/pad, all she had was a feeding bucket. The owner would always keep her on his shoulders, even when he slept! He would put her in a couch that everyone sat on, so she would "warm up". He even pulled her scales off whilst shedding, leaving her with a huge scar! I had seen enough of the neglect/abuse, so I showed the owner some educational videos, like yours. Finally he realized that he was out of his league when it comes to the care of a python, he was jobless. He ended up giving her to a family member of mine who is experienced in reptile care. She is happy, healthy, and except for a scar beautiful 💜. Thank you for helping me save this amazing creature. I hope to be as amazing of a reptile caregiver as yourself.

  7. Hi I bought my second ball python today he is male and unlike my other ball python he's very aggressive.He eats only live sadly and every time I go to pick him up he always tries nipping or headbutting my hand.Is there a way I can tame him or make it so hes calm

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