Hangout Call | Future of Java | Shahid and Saurabh |

Python by Saurabh Shukla Sir
Python by Saurabh Sir

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27 thoughts on “Hangout Call | Future of Java | Shahid and Saurabh |

  1. सर आपका ये मेथड काफी अच्छा हैं
    सर एक काफी दिक्कत होती है सर जब हम लैंग्वेज पढ़ते है जैसे आपने आज बताया कि जावा एंड्राइड में फ्यूचर है तो सर हमे जावा एंड्रॉयर्ड के लिये कितना जावा आनी चाहिए और सर जी ये कैटलिन हम कहा से सीखे………

  2. thank you sir i love you , i have learned alot from you. Allah bless you… (from pakistan).
    and yeah this live call session should be there because we stay updated that whats going on..

  3. Thanks sir ji for this video …
    Because our college Force to learn but thanks for clearing the concept that what to do now .
    Pls sir ji after this JavaScript course pls make video on WordPress thanks

  4. Namaste Sir.
    I would beg to make a small suggestion to Shahid Sir. Sir kindly make a session to explain the current market scenario and how a fresher should prepare to stand out in the industry which is changing every now and then. Also, it makes us to worry when we hear about those mass layoffs.I believe you could guide us better in this context as you are already in the industry and observing it closely

  5. Awesome idea sir ji for doing to make this live video, & also i like one thing when u saying ur 2019 target "ki mujhe koi fark ni pdhta koi mujhe dislike kare" first of all congratulations for apne andar ye quality lane k liye……bcze this new yrr maine bhi apne andar yhi laya hai ki…..log kya kahenge mujhe fark nhi padhta…..logo ka kam h khna, i'm your student for core java course

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