HackerRank Day 11: 2D Arrays | Python

In this series, I will walk you through Hacker Rank’s 30 days of code challenge day by day.

In Day 11, we will get more familiar with Arrays by working with 2D arrays.

Try solving it yourself!

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12 thoughts on “HackerRank Day 11: 2D Arrays | Python

  1. arr = []

    for arr_i in range (6):

    arr_t = [int(arr_temp)for arr_temp in input ().strip().split (' ')]


    u started with it.. so i wrote same things but its not worked.

  2. Just for the record this solution is very specific to the constraints outlined in the problem. Maybe I make my life harder but when I solve these problems I do not hard-code anything into the solution so when I solved this I could handle the matrix of any size be it 6×6 or 20×20 and I really don't care what integer is in each value of the matrix. Maybe that's why the problem is classified as easy while it takes me a while to solve it.

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