Functions | Class XII Computer Science Complete Syllabus 2019-20 | Python Lecture #1

This is detailed complete course for Class XII Computer Science Complete Syllabus 2019-20 | Python Lecture #1 Topic covered is Introduction to Functions and difference between library and user defined functions. Also lecture explains the advantages of user defined functions. Example covered are function to calculate square root of a number using library function and calculate factorial of a number using user defined functions.

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11 thoughts on “Functions | Class XII Computer Science Complete Syllabus 2019-20 | Python Lecture #1

  1. Thanks a lot ma'am, really appreciate ur content, hope that u complete the whole syllabus in detail, enough to let us score a 100
    Answer to the question :
    Library functions are the predefined functions which are already present in a programming language and can be used after importing the class containing them.
    User defined functions are specific functions created by the programmer as per his needs which are named by the programmer using an identifier

  2. library functions are Predefined functions.

    User defined functions are the function which r created by user as per his own requirements.
    Advantages of user-defined functions

    1.User-defined functions help to decompose a large program into small segments which makes program easy to understand, maintain and debug.

    2.If repeated code occurs in a program. Function can be used to include those codes and execute when needed by calling that function.

  3. Thanxx mam , but please mam upload the complete lecture videos of informatics practices of 2019-20 syllabus..Mam as you say that you will complete the syllabus at the end of the month please mam continue to uploading the videoes –we are already very late and I will also support to you mam

  4. Library functions are built in functions or we can say the functions which are predefined in a language


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