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  1. i really like this video. i don't play grand order or fate extra so i knew nothing about this character but i found her story really interesting. the idea of an alien attack ancient humanity and fighting the stuff of myths is really awesome. i;m gonna have to take a bigger look into her.

  2. Seriously can we just have an urban fantasy setting with out this Scifi mumbo jumbo.

    Cause basically the Mooncell is an omnipotent computer and the Heroic Spirits are just data stored in the moon cell that get sent to the grail. These Scifi concepts in the extellia series super seeds the magic and supernatural elements of the franchise.

  3. On one hand, I can understand that some people are disappointed that all what a potential Attila the Hun as a Heroic Spirit could have been was pretty much scrapped in favor of a mostly original character that doesn't feel like Attila the Hun at all, but on the other hand… Altera is just way too precious and deserves all the love she can get! She has been through so much in Extella alone, and will probably go through so much more once we actually continue Extellas story and end up fighting the Umbral Star, and yet, she's still just so cute!
    And for how many people say that Extellas story is badly written, listening to your summary of it really reminded me of how great it could be. Altera and everything connected to her were the absolute highlights of the story, and ultimately, I feel like that's all the game needed to achieve (aside from setting up the entire Velber-plotline). And seeing how loved Altera seems to be it definitely succeeded with it.
    I also want to mention, even though Altera ultimately doesn't really seem to have as many connections to the real worlds Attila the Hun as many would wish her to have, I love how they for example took the Legend of Attila being gifted an old sword a farmer dug up and proclaiming it to be the sword of the war-god and turned it into every sword she touches LITERALLY turning into the sword of Mars! It also quite reminds me of how King Richard can unleash weaker Excaliblasts with basically any sword or stick or even with his bare hands. Then there's also the "Scourge of God"-title that I think the real Attila also had (actually not sure on that one), and Altera actually having killed some gods as Sephar! Then there's also the thing about Valkyries in the Nasuverse being created by Odin based on technology he got from the remains of Sephar, which doesn't really have anything to do with Attila, but I think it's still a nice little Lore-thing connected to Altera.

  4. "DESTROY IT!! I SEE THIS GACHA IS A BAD CIVILISATION!!" ~my fav quote from Altera in learning with manga XD oh… and she represents F2P players in a lot of media relating to FGO if I remember correctly

  5. @OtakuDaiKun, the god's battle are on the earth , not in mooncell. She sent her clone body to earth, who then defeated by "holder of holy sword". While mooncell sealed her real body.

  6. Dammit I didn’t know you included some spoilers from Extella Link! I haven’t gotten that game yet.

    Oh well. Anyway another great Fate video. Who else are you going to cover next? I enjoy listening to your videos. It’s both informative and you voice is just perfect who summarizing their stories.

  7. I know, since you apparently try to tackle the singularities in order, that you have not worked on Septem, but in my eyes leaving that out of Altera's tale was good decision. Septem is really uninspired in terms of story and characterization for Altera

    In summation: This video: good civ
    Septem Singularity: bad civ

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