28 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous: How To Fit A Python

  1. Ok so I have everything your loadout has and I’ve noticed it’s says 35MW on your yet you only have 30MW to use. I have 33MW when deployed and my thrusters go down and life support starts when I deploy my hard points?

  2. I love my python (it's the millennium falcon near enough)great for everything trading, fighting. Think im gonna stick with this baby for a while. Only things that let it down a tad are short jump range and it's defo not the most maneuverable, other than that it's amazing!!!

  3. Great video, thanks. Might be the best load for res zones. Careful with targeting / hitting unwanted ships. In pvp, though, u r busted if u encounter a stealth FAS. Turreted weapons are 1/3rd of the power of fixed ones.

  4. The entire class 4 bank just barely refills your shield – I'd say it's a wasted compartment slot.

    Also not the biggest fan of the docking computer ^^ but each to their own.

  5. how can you get away with no heat sink launchers now with all of your SCBs? Didn't they nerf it so that you have some extreme heat damage now with the class 6 and 5 SCBs? Wish I would have gotten to see some SCB usage. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the vid. I have the same setup although the Shield Cells always give me heat damage when used (even when my heat's at around 40%). Do you get this problem? I use class 3 and 4 SCBanks

  7. nice to see since I just bought a Python at Ray Gateway… but it would be nice to see a lower level equied python too.. or a progression of upgrades for those of us who don't have 200 million to spend. I do like the idea of the turrets for the medium beams… might try that out.

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