9 thoughts on “Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners – Lesson 9

  1. When I say ArrayList<Book> list = new ArrayList<Book>(); then go head and create 2 book objects b1 and b2 and add them to the list, when I inspect, it says Book cannot Be Resolved into Type. Help to resolve this please?

  2. At mark 4:42 the tutorial calls for running of the snippet inside the scrapbook to look at the list.  After highlighting and inspecting, I am not seeing the popup window to view the array list.  If I induce errors, the inspection will provide the error description.  If I simplify the snippet to simple algebra similar to lesson 3, I get the pop-up window with the appropriate values.  Is there a reason I cannot see the array values via inspection?

  3. At this point, there appears to be a bug, in that if you create a Book and then to a getPerson(), without first doing a setPerson, you are going to crash! But I have only watched as far as 9, perhaps this is fixed is subsequent episodes.

  4. I'm commenting here in case anyone else experiences this same problem I did working through this video. I kept getting the following error: "arraylist cannot be resolved to a type". To fix this in the scrapbook I had to import the java.util.* package. I did this by a) right clicking in the scrapbook pane. b) Clicking "Set Imports …" c) Click the "Add Packages Button" and d) searching for java.util and selecting that package for import. I hope that helps anyone who needs it. BTW I am using a newer version of Eclipse than is documented in this video so translate instructions accordingly based on the version you're working with.

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