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Trying to get into web development? Or maybe you want to take your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) skills to the next level as you prep for Exam 70-480? Either way, CSS is a core technology that every Web Dev needs to know. But, as experience can tell you, pages don’t always render the way you want them to. Watch experts Christopher Harrison and Helen Zeng, as they show you the CSS ropes, in this informative and practical Web Wednesdays course.

These popular presenters teach you how to get CSS to do exactly what you want. Take a look at media queries, CSS preprocessors (like LESS), and page layouts on different screen sizes. See cool demos on reflowing, transitions, and more. You know that CSS is used everywhere, so find out what you need to get going with it!

Instructors | Christopher Harrison – Microsoft Content Developer; Helen Zeng – Microsoft Technical Evangelist
Getting Started with CSS
Find out how CSS evolved, how it’s applied to a page, and how to identify elements.
CSS Selectors
Learn to identify the elements to which you wish to apply styles. Explore how to select specific elements based on type, class, or state.
Page Layout
Get the details on how to manage page layout, without the need for tables (to follow best practices).
Media Queries
Learn how Web Developers need to work with an ever-increasing number of browsers and devices. And explore media queries, which make it easier to size your pages appropriately.
Transformations and Transitions
Hear how one of the easiest ways to improve performance on a page is to limit the amount of JavaScript used. Find out how CSS transitions and transformations can allow you to enhance your site without the use of scripting.
CSS Preprocessors
See how the use of CSS Preprocessors, like LESS, can give you more power and can help ease creation of style sheets (which tend to get complex very quickly).
Recommended Resources & Next Steps
Take this opportunity to learn more about adding style with CSS, at your own pace.