Creating a Computer Trojan in Python | Python for Cybersecurity Project 3

Timestamps below – long video 👇 NOTE: Video is for documentation and educational purposes only. Building a Trojan with Python, Pygame and a basic backdoor was interesting… I was able to tackle Project 3 through several hours of testing, frustration, and coffee. But in the end, I was able to complete a “script kiddie”-level Trojan. Refer to the timestamps below for the complete breakdown.

0:00 – Introduction of Project 3 & the Complete Python Series for Cybersecurity
1:13 -…

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17 thoughts on “Creating a Computer Trojan in Python | Python for Cybersecurity Project 3

  1. What a great video, I am currently studying programming. But I want to ask you a question that would be better to study programming or digital animation, YOU COULD ANSWER MY QUESTION

  2. Do you have a github in case anyone wants to fork, I'd like to see all of the source in one place ? This came together well in the end , nice work.

  3. hey, collins I watched your most of the videos… and I appreciate your work. You working really good man, I am from India, love cybersecurity, hanging out with pc's i don't have enough money to take classes on cybersecurity will you please suggest me any website or app which provide me a piece of great knowledge.

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