34 thoughts on “Create Apps with Python and Land Your First Client

  1. Qasi. I know this will sound stupid, but I'm still trying to get up to speed with the programming world. I won't to make apps with pycharm, but there's is no option to build app. I know pycharm isn't like Android Studio or Visual Studio, but I want to know which IDE I can use to take my pycharm coding and use that for an app. I hope you can understand what I mean.

  2. Maine am in luv with this
    ure like a kind of christ in my life
    am following you
    please keep up
    i abandoned C+programing in college .
    youre giving me hopes

    am called pekings
    from brazil

  3. I i love your video am from Nigeria am new into python am designing restaurant management system am having some issues which I think is high for me Pls can you help me to figure my mistake. Thanks

  4. Hi, love your videos. for people who don't know you think they might think they're not getting anything from this video. You have so many videos of value that I would recommend this one. Thank you.

  5. jiiiz, these videos about a "pro" programmer talking about how you should become one is such a fucking bullshit.. if you really want to become programmer, like REALLY! go buy some top rated courses from place such as udemy or something like that. Free stuff can be good but i think paying 10 bucks for 20+ hourse of course is well worth. Alot better to learn by practicing than watch Eli or this guy..

  6. i started learning python on your website but here in india we get python jobs to the person who has 1-3 years experience. but i am a fresher so how do i make myself ready to the level of experienced person?

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